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BVS manufacturing in China: quality despite quantity.

BVS Chenghua produces costumer specific assembly groups and semifinished parts and housings and prototypes and racks in mass production and short runs in high quality and precisionInexpensive without being cheap. High-quality solutions at BVS Chenghua can be described in this one sentence. 
But, let's start at the beginning: after years of cooperation between BVS Blechtechnik and a Chinese partner in Jinan, we came to the decision in 2008 to form a solid cooperation in a joint venture. BVS Blechtechnik GmbH in Böblingen has a 60% stake in business at BVS Chenghua today.

Specialized in manufacturing high volumes to European standards, the Chinese company in Shandong province, today produces with more than 100 employees on 5,200 m² of space. In distinguishing quality - because our benchmark for value, in housing manufacturing or in surface refinement is set in China to the same high standards as in Germany. The same applies to the responsible handling of resources. Therefore our joint venture is certified according to ISO/TS 16949:2009.

And, you need not worry. You don't need to learn Chinese, if you want to cooperate with us. The China Department at BVS Blechtechnik in Böblingen will take care of communication, planning and execution of complete production and logistics and will keep you informed up to date in every step of the way.


Tool based manufacturing.

BVS Chenghua produces sheet metal parts through single tools or progressive dies at eccentric presses with press of 60 - 400t.

tool based manufacturing in China


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