2015-07 Material diversity with new fiber laser machine

BVS Blechtechnik extended its machinery with a fiber laser machine including a fully automatic link to the high bay warehouse a few months ago. The AMADA FOL 3015 AJ is a true all-rounder that is able to cut even difficult materials such as copper or brass.


The fiber laser is extremely energy-efficient, compact and exceedingly productive in operation.

 “As an additional service BVS offers its customers cutting of copper or brass with the fiber laser technique”, mentions Roland Steiner, Technical Manager at BVS. The shorter wavelength of the fiber laser on these highly-reflective materials is 3 to 4 times more easily absorbed than a CO2 laser and enables processing of difficult materials such as aluminium, copper or brass. In the heart of the system is a resonator that produces laser power by the individual laser diode banks to be combined into a single fiber optic cable for direct delivery to the cutting head. The high-processing accuracy of the three-axis with thin materials allows the processing of even small and difficult components.

With a substantially decrease of energy required the system offers a solution for every cutting process task. An energy comparison to the existing CO2 Laser machine shows that the needed 73 kVA to 125 kVA are significant lower. Furthermore the aggregate needs no warm-up and less cooling water which reduces not only operating costs but also preserves resources.